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Former NeXt writer says her parents were right

As a kid, you’re taught to always listen to your parents – and lo and behold, mine were right about this.

In grammar school, I enjoyed creative writing, but when my mom pushed me to apply to NeXt and my dad made me watch “Almost Famous,” I realized I was much more interested in telling other people’s stories instead of my own (or ones I’d made up).

When I started writing for NeXt as a freshman at Nardin Academy, I was instantly hooked, and I kept at it all through high school ... and occasionally early on in college, when asked back.

Ten-plus years later (I’m that old?!), I’m less proud of my early prose – because no matter how good you think you are, you’re always getting better – but I’m still incredibly proud of the experience.

These days, I’m the editor-in-chief of a national, country music-focused website ( ); I’m pretty sure NeXt-era me would call that “doing my dream job.”

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