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Letter: Voting for Green candidate could enable Trump to win

Voting for Green candidate could enable Trump to win

We are enthusiastic supporters of Hillary Clinton. While she has her faults and is not the perfect candidate, she is by far the most qualified. Clinton has put forward a positive agenda that will improve our already great country.

Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, is intellectually, emotionally and experientially unqualified to become president. Numerous gaffes and exposés show him to be a dishonest con artist. He pretends to be the tough guy while waging a cowardly campaign of racism, fearmongering and demagoguery. Trump calls climate change a hoax and would perpetuate our fossil fuel addiction. He has a volatile, overreactive, juvenile temperament and must be kept away from the “nuclear button.”

Faced with the possibility of a Trump victory, it is deeply troubling to see third-party candidates getting support from former Bernie Sanders supporters and new and younger voters. We caution against a repeat of the 2000 presidential election when the Green Party’s presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, played the role of “spoiler” in Florida by taking votes away from Al Gore. Had this not happened, Gore would have had the votes to defeat George W. Bush – preventing the Iraq War, economic collapse and environmental degradation that occurred under Bush.

In closely contested states, a vote cast for a third-party candidate instead of Clinton makes a Trump victory more likely. We urge Green Party members to contact their party’s leadership to demand that the party suspend its presidential campaigns in contested “toss-up” states like Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Virginia and instead build support for Clinton. Defeating Trump must be the priority.

Walter and Nan Simpson


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