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Letter: Ethanol use improves air quality in America

Ethanol use improves air quality in America

The oil industry is desperately trying to hang on to its monopoly by denying Americans access to clean, renewable biofuels such as ethanol. So I was not surprised to read a recent Another Voice in The News by Robert Bryce questioning the proven environmental benefits of American-made ethanol. The Manhattan Institute, where Bryce works, is funded by Big Oil, as was the study he cited.

Ethanol is already in 97 percent of the fuel Americans use, replacing toxic fuel additives that were polluting our air with cancer-causing emissions. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 110 million metric tons every year, it is estimated that ethanol use has the same annual impact as removing 20 million cars from the road. That is why we are so proud of the work we do at Western New York Energy, where we produce over 58 million gallons of ethanol annually with the help of local farmers. We know our clean, renewable product lessens the impact on the natural resources we all share.

Not only does ethanol benefit our country by improving air quality, it allows us to stem the tide of imports of foreign oil, creating American jobs and keeping our money here at home. In fact, since drivers first began taking advantage of this biofuel, ethanol has helped cut oil imports in half.

With ethanol already powering America toward a greener future, now is not the time to impede progress by clinging to an environmentally unfriendly alternative.

Timothy Winters

CFO, Western New York Energy


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