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Letter: Electing Trump out of anger could lead to serious regrets

Electing Trump out of anger could lead to serious regrets

A recent headline in The News went something like this: “Will Hillary fail us?” – meaning, “Will she stumble and lose?” Hillary Clinton is doing the best she can to win this election, so the headline got it wrong. If she loses, it will be our fault, not hers. She has her faults, but so has every other candidate I’ve voted for in the past 12 presidential elections.

Donald Trump is simply unqualified to be our president and I feel that he is our “Brexit” candidate: You vote for him out of anger and then regret it when you get what you want. We did this a few elections ago with George W. Bush and were so happy when he got the “Mission Accomplished” by bombing the evil Arabs after the 9/11 horror, but we’ve come to regret that war and that choice.

In a similar way, Vladimir Putin (so admired by Trump) has made Russians feel good about themselves by invading Ukraine and threatening the Baltic states, but the Russian standard of living continues to spiral downward.

I truly hope we all make good decisions come November and don’t live to regret our choices.

David Irvin


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