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Letter: When will we see justice for those wrongly killed?

When will we see justice for those wrongly killed?

What’s more important: standing during the playing of the national anthem or the shooting of an innocent black man? For some, “it’s just another one of them dead.” For others, “this has to stop before we have our own civil war here in America.” I am both a veteran and an Afro-American male. I have no issues with people sitting, kneeling or not placing their hand over their heart, because it is not a disrespect to me but a form of protest. What I do have a problem with, however, is that more people aren’t outraged over these shootings of innocent family men and women of color.

Let’s show the same outrage for any life lost that was unwarranted and unnecessary. Let’s stand up for the kids who have lost their moms and dads because someone thought they saw something when they saw nothing but the color of their skin and put a bullet in them, ending their life.

Finally, let’s stand up for justice, not “just us,” and bring an end to the division and the hate that only gets stronger with each day there is no justice.

Tony D. Williams


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