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Letter: Nothing Trump says or does will deter ardent supporters

Nothing Trump says or does will deter ardent supporters

Aside from the lukewarm endorsements of most of the shamelessly partisan Republican politicians and the people who own them, most successful and coherent people think Donald Trump would make an absolutely hideous president. But since thoughtful, successful people are now classified as the “elites” and therefore the “enemy,” any evidence they present only serves to further encourage his supporters.

Our media have failed us, and clearly our educational system has failed us. We are poised on the precipice where the ignorant, the disgruntled and the bigoted are about to drag this country over the cliff.

Sadly, most local voters don’t realize this and don’t read editorials anyway. Those few who do have already decided either that he’s their man or that he is most certainly not their man. So, I guess I and so many other people have wasted our time by weighing the facts and projecting the reasonable implications of a Trump victory. Either what we say has fallen on deaf ears or we’re preaching to the choir. And nothing Trump says or does will ever change the minds of the growing number of Americans who have drunk the Kool-Aid he’s offered them.

John Nelson


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