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Letter: American officials send mixed message on terror

American officials send mixed message on terror

Hey, taxpayers – get your wallets out again. A month ago, President Obama apologized to Laos for all the cluster bombs that we secretly (not so secretly for Laos) dropped on it during the Vietnam War. Laos will also get 90 million of your tax dollars over the next three years in reparation.

Well, this month Congress and our president – yes, the same one who recently spoke at the United Nations about world peace – sold cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia to drop on Yemen. So soon you’ll be digging into your wallets again as some future president makes a grand trip to Yemen in order to apologize for U.S. cluster bombs (exploded and unexploded) and gives away another 90 million of your tax dollars to Yemen in reparation.

Hey, why don’t we just skip the cluster bombs and spend those reparation dollars at home on clean water for Flint, fixing leaky gasoline pipelines in Alabama or maybe repairing Route 219?

We are continuously pounded about the war on terror – if you see something, say something! Well, I see the United States is by far the biggest arms seller in the world and I say if you want to stop terror then stop selling terror.

Phil Parshall


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