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Letter: Trump is feeding voters a lot of empty promises

Trump is feeding voters a lot of empty promises

Election 2016 will undoubtedly go down in history as the dirtiest, most corrupt, mudslinging race in recent history. Accusations and charges keep flying back and forth.

This race has fostered fear, prejudice, bigotry and racism in our country. America is being divided, issues that need to be addressed and acted upon are being ignored. Our Senate and House are essentially doing nothing.

The America I know is wasting away, disappearing. I, like many Americans, wish we had different candidates running than the ones we have. Unfortunately, we have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Politicians lie, tell half-truths and do things they are not proud of. However, Trump has not truly addressed one issue, or stated what his plan of action would be. He keeps feeding people empty promises. He has made so many, he will never be able to keep them.

Like it or not Clinton has stated her positions and laid out how she would accomplish them. I cannot and will not vote to put my country in Trump’s hands. I will not fall for empty promises. I truly feel that Trump will destroy my country. He admires Vladimir Putin, so let Trump go live in Russia.

I hope and pray every day that God helps and protects America. We need changes in our system, yes. But Trump is not the answer.

JoAnn M. Calandra

East Amherst

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