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Letter: Citizens have a right to peacefully protest

Citizens have a right to peacefully protest

I’m amazed by the uproar over Colin Kaepernick’s silent individual protest during the national anthem at a sports event. This was not some massive violent disruption. That’s reserved for the playing field (and sometimes the fans in the stadium).

Meanwhile, a man running for presidential office verbally demeans a senator who happens to be a Vietnam War veteran and former prisoner of war. He goes on to disparage the Muslim parents of a deceased war hero and denigrate our entire military command.

Adam Zyglis was right on the mark with his political cartoon lampooning the subject of patriotism with a comparison of Kaepernick’s protest to citizens displaying the confederate flag. Those individuals apparently don’t realize that flag signifies not only rebellion and secession but treason against the U.S. government. It replaced the American flag that was removed from Fort Sumter in the 1861 attack that started the Civil War.

Each one of these examples may cause someone offense, but that’s the beauty of our constitutional right to free speech. It was created to apply to every U.S. citizen, so let’s put the Kaepernick controversy to rest. There are far more important issues facing our nation and the world.

Helen Shoff

West Seneca

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