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Letter: A Trump presidency will hurt environment

A Trump presidency will hurt environment

A politician who doesn’t care about the environment doesn’t care about you. Even if you think that Donald Trump is on your side, because you are the “real American,” he is not.

He sells himself as “independent.” Yet his leading choice for secretary of energy, Harold Hamm, is a fracking mogul. He’d be the first energy secretary coming directly from the oil and gas industry. Trump’s pick for energy adviser, Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, is an ardent supporter of gas and oil drilling.

Trump’s plan for the economy: get rid of the Environmental Protection Agency, “deregulate energy” and “unleash the oil industry.” Trump doesn’t believe in climate change and wants to “scrap” the Paris Climate Agreement. Trump called windmills a “monstrosity,” and is dismissive of solar panels. Trump was quoted at a gun rights rally as saying he will “abolish the environment.” It’s a “hoax,” a “plot.” Maybe he meant the EPA, who knows?

Does getting rid of the EPA at a time when we have a cancer epidemic, and doubling down on oil and gas at a time when climate scientists say we need to leave the fossil fuels in the ground, sound like it is in our interest? Does it sound independent? The permafrost is starting to melt. If that accelerates, we will have runaway global warming. Why chance it?

Whatever Trump means when he speaks, he is uninformed at best, callous and flippant at worst. Yes, Hillary Clinton and President Obama have disappointed environmentalists. But they are informed and, pressured by us, they will act. Trump isn’t and won’t.

Mark LeCroix


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