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Letters (Sept. 25): Our readers speak out

Ryan’s coaching system just not working here

As usual, the Bills fired the wrong guy!

Rex Ryan has been getting by on his father Buddy’s laurels for years. The last time he won anything was when he was with the Ravens and frankly anyone could have won with that team.

Yes, he earned his shot, but has failed terribly. He dismantled a playoff-bound, Eric Mangini-built Jets team, and is doing the same here. The Jim Schwartz defense of 2014 terrorized the league and he was let go. He did not even get a shot at being the head coach. The players cannot thrive in Ryan’s system. The system needs to be geared to talent (hello New England), not the other way around.

The Pegulas, while kudos for saving and keeping the team here, need to stop being fans and start being owners. Brandon, Whaley and the Ryan brothers need to go if this team is to win.

Vincent Belle


Count this fan among the exasperated legion

As a season ticket holder of the Buffalo Bills, I sat through that horrendous loss to the Jets. I had such high hopes for a positive game and of course, a win. I feel the whole game left a lot to be desired. First, thank you Tyrod for two beautiful passes, but the defense cannot be on the field basically the whole game. No movement by the offense does that.

There are talented players on the team but are they used? No. When I hear the coach say in his postgame interview that he was afraid to rush the QB, I am thoroughly amazed. Afraid? Then get out of coaching, Rex. The NFL and the head coach of my team is no place for a scaredy-cat.

Bringing your coaches and players from the Jets is no answer, you didn’t win anything with them and you’re not doing it here. And nothing like hiring your brother because he was out of a job. When I see the title of assistant head coach after his name, I shudder to think what we’d have if he was in charge. I don’t usually judge people by their appearance, but when it comes to representing my team, I expect a good appearance.

Looks like another year of no playoffs. I don’t think the fans or the players deserve that. Get your act together or take a hike. We need discipline and a winning streak to take us where we expect and should be. I love my Buffalo Bills and I will stick by them through thick and thin, but I expect more and deserve more.

Jean Cline Sager

West Falls

What the Bills need in one word: Sweep!

Hello seventeen, goodbye Rex. If possible, hire David Shaw from Stanford. Buy him a broom to sweep out the whole organization. Maybe Shaw can find a franchise quarterback. Tyrod Taylor certainly is not a franchise quarterback. Ouch.

James Furcoat


Rex gets exactly what he preaches

Coach Ryan appeared on ESPN in a segment with his brother Rob devoted to profiling his coaching style with the Buffalo Bills. The scene I watched was shot in a high-tech conference room with Rex standing tall on a stage looking out on a small-tiered auditorium at his football team.

Every other word out of his mouth was a base vulgarity. I interpreted his speech as an attempt to fit the expectations of his audience at the low level he assumed was theirs. To me he seemed to be a poser trying to match his toughness to a standard he hoped the team would adopt.

Contrast the above scene with the demeanor and appearance of Marv Levy, who led with intelligence, discipline and self-control. Coach Levy appealed to players’ better selves and asked them to rise to meet the challenges of the game. The Ryan brothers and more interested in being liked than demanding the best from their players. And that is what they are not getting.

John Joyce


Henderson’s departure a negative, not a positive

I think like most Bills fans, I went into this year hopeful and excited that we had our answer at QB and less hopeful and less excited that we had our answer at head coach.

However, I was certain that we were set at cornerback. We had two of the best cornerbacks in the league, coached and developed by the great Donnie Henderson.

But Donnie was not part of Rex Ryan’s posse and he was shown the door and in came one of Rex’s guys, new to coaching, but that does not matter when you’re Rex’s guy.

So Rex, after the Jets game, how do our two shutdown corners look now without Donnie?

Mike Edington


Too many problem areas on the Bills right now

Just when we thought the Bills’ greatest strength was their secondary, Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey begged to differ. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick throws for 374 yards and makes Stephen Gilmore and Ronald Darby look like ordinary cornerbacks.

Many more problems exist. The buffet line is open. Your choices are coaching Tyrod Taylor’s limitations, lack of offense (Watkins, McCoy) pass rush. My plate is full. I hope yours is too. Lets face it Bills fans, this team has more issues than the most popular magazine on sale at your local newsstand.

Bob Zoladz

North Tonawanda

Other teams may have gotten wise to Taylor

Rome wasn’t built in a day but it didn’t take 17 years either. New season, same team. Now you understand why it took four years for the Bills to be awarded a home game during prime time. Their intentions were good but the results tell us otherwise.

Terry Pegula must be overly thrilled with the loophole to rescind Tyrod Taylor’s long-term contract based on performance of this season. Tyrod, probably due to height, lacks peripheral vision, limiting his effectiveness. His Houdini acts of last year have basically disappeared due to exposure of other teams to review game film, reducing his mobility to pass or flee. The running game has been reduced to a slow roll.

Again, Doug Whaley needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The architect of this franchise has made too many bonehead picks resulting in prima donnas. Mr. Pegula needs to listen to the fans’ cry just like the time he finally relieved Darcy Regier of his duties with the Sabres. As far as coaching goes, it is like the circus, after a short stint it is time to leave town and go elsewhere.

Anthony Hammill


The issues with the team start right at the top

Mr. Pegula, do you really think firing Greg Roman is going to solve our problems? The problem is Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan. Between signing injured players and letting go the best defensive coordinator, it can’t get any worse.

Please start thinking with your executive head and not your heart. We will be the worst team in our division this year and it will be because you have your head in the clouds and not on the prize – a playoff team.

This is a business, not the lonely hearts society. Why do you think Bill Belichick is so successful? He doesn’t care about hurt feelings, just winning. If you’re over your head in running an NFL team, than find someone who can help you.

Cheryl Lenihan


Strzelczyks showed class in a very tough situation

I commend the Strzelczyk family for their classy acceptance of the Golden Football given to them by the NFL in commemoration of their father, Justin. Anyone who has not heard of him might want to see the movie “Concussion,” and view actual footage of how he died.

The article rightly describes the cause of his death as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) he contracted as a result of repeated blows to his head during his playing career, but failed to mention that the NFL has known about and ignored this condition for decades, and has tried to cover it up by downplaying the facts and by citing statistics from their own “research.”

Their program, “Super Bowl High School Honor Roll,” is another example of the NFL’s refusal to admit to the dangers of repeated concussions. Just recently, Cam Newton was kept in the game after three blows to the head. Again, kudos to the Strzelczyk family. I would not have been so classy.

Nancy Cinelli


Ortiz has the numbers, but does DH hinder them?

Recently Jerry Sullivan wrote an article extolling the great hitting feats David Ortiz has accomplished during his long career. They certainly are outstanding and rank up there with many of the greats.

It must be considered, however, Ortiz has not played in the field since 2004. That’s 12 years less wear and tear on his body. Would he still have been able to hit as well? He would not even be able to make the roster of half the teams in the majors over that time period.

Designated hitter is a legitimate position but does it merit a spot in the Hall of Fame?

Jim Weig


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