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Letter: Wind turbines will mar lovely shores of Ontario

Wind turbines will mar lovely shores of Ontario

Thanks to The News for its superb article about the controversy regarding wind energy turbines in Niagara and Orleans counties. We are summer residents along the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario. I find it hard to believe that anyone who lives here would support building ugly monsters in the sky along the shores of Lake Ontario to the tune of 570 feet, given what we have learned about the minimal benefit the turbines will have.

I suspect that backroom deals and whittling away local control have secured a done deal for the communities of Somerset and Yates. Why would the Town Council of Yates overwhelmingly vote to allow the meteorological tower by Apex Clean Energy to be constructed after hearing overwhelming opposition to the project? Funny that the very next day, the tower was up. What good could come to this devastation of our landscape except some minimal energy output, which will be shipped away to support urban communities? When we see signs of opposition and support among neighbors along rural routes, you have to wonder who is supporting this effort and why?

It seems the energy companies and the land owners who have agreed to allow these huge white monsters to invade their land will benefit in the short run, but the majority who do not want these ugly edifices defacing our landscape will be stuck with them long after they have stopped working after a short time span.

How do you explain this except for money and power once again ruling over democracy?

Anne Smiley


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