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Letter: Council needs to iron out problems with Slow Roll

Council needs to iron out problems with Slow Roll

Twice within three weeks, Slow Roll was in my neighborhood. The first time they were here, I couldn’t get home because the bicyclists had parked their cars illegally, therefore making the streets one-way.

I noticed a bus that was stopped and unable to proceed because of Slow Roll. I found out that the bus had been there for 45 minutes so I asked several of the bicyclists if they would please allow the bus to go by. They told me that they didn’t have to allow the bus to go so the bus would just have to wait.

I then went over to talk to one of the police officers and asked him if he could please let the bus go. He told me that Slow Roll was given a parade permit by the Common Council and therefore he was not allowed to break up the parade to allow the bus to go.

Since many people who ride the bus have limited financial means, I am sure they don’t have access to the internet to find out when Slow Roll is going to be in their neighborhood and what streets will be affected. How are they supposed to get to work or get home?

I think that this has been poorly thought out and needs to be altered. It’s time that some concerned citizens, representatives from Slow Roll and the Common Council get together and iron out these problems. Slow Roll should not be allowed to interrupt bus routes. And since the riders are in no rush (Slow Roll) why not have them stop for all major signals to allow for traffic to proceed? That way if someone has a personal emergency, he would have a decent chance to get home to take care of it.

Let’s contact our Common Council members and ask them to please act on this. Let’s be a City of Good Neighbors and make sure everyone is cared for.

Debra Wesp


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