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Letter: Trump’s proposals will damage nation

Trump’s proposals will damage nation

The consummate showman/con man recently bemoaned the fact that Ahmad Khan Rahami would get “amazing hospitalization,” the best doctors and even room service after being wounded during his apprehension. He would also get a “great” lawyer.

A question for the man Mitt Romney and others have called “a phony, a fraud”: does such “innocent until proven guilty” treatment make it more, or less, likely that we will get useful information out of the man suspected of being a jihadi terrorist?

Regarding the unpardonable “sin” of not calling Rahami a radical Islamic terrorist, how might a Christian respond to calling Ku Klux Klansmen “radical Christian terrorists”? Has anyone ever heard them called Christian terrorists?

One of the beauties of our democratic secret ballot system is that, after the fact, we can all express incredulity that anyone ever voted for Donald Trump in the first place. We can – avoiding eye contact – claim to our grandchildren that we certainly did not vote for him.

Gary Kent


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