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Letter: No good reason to fight Manleys’ planned house

No good reason to fight Manleys’ planned house

I believe the reason preservationists oppose Brian and Gia Manley’s plan to demolish their house and build a new one is, plain and simple, because the Elmwood Village Association is green with envy. It doesn’t want to be outdone.

The house on Lafayette Avenue that the Manleys bought, as it currently exists, is nothing to tout. There is no aesthetic glow, none whatsoever. Their proposed alternative is an attention-getter, a neo-Frank Lloyd Wright architectural masterpiece in its own right.

If these Elmwood Village preservationists are so concerned about aesthetics, where were they when the monster at the southeast corner of Elmwood Avenue and West Delavan Avenue was put on the table? It is hideous and out of place in a community that allegedly espouses aesthetics. When driving northbound on Elmwood, I almost feel that I have to veer into the southbound lane to avoid sideswiping it as I pass.

The Manleys are to be lauded for their sense of aesthetics, community spirit and neighborhood enhancement. The architectural plans submitted should be given a green light by the city.

Lou Marconi


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