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Cuomo tells reporters he had no knowledge of wrongdoing in pay-to-play case

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he had "no idea" about possible misdeeds by those under him and is not the target of any investigation by the U.S. Attorney's Office in a press conference held after his speech at the Albright-Knox.

Here are a few highlights from his comments to reporters:

- In response to whether he is the target of any investigation by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, or whether any of his staff might be implicated: "No. I think the complaint spoke for itself. The U.S. attorney said basically that."

-To the question of whether he had personal knowledge of wrongdoing alleged by the U.S. attorney: "No, I had no idea about anything."

"Public trust is job one, and if anyone did anything wrong, they will pay the price."

-Is the Buffalo Billion tainted by corruption allegations? "The Buffalo Billion is not about projects in the ground and nine individuals who are alleged to have done bad acts. The Buffalo Billion is about a whole enterprise that has been going on for years and involves hundreds and hundreds of people in transforming Buffalo fundamentally, and taking cynicism and turning it into hope."

-How should people should consider the allegations by Bharara? "If the allegations turn out to be correct, justice will be done and they will pay the price. I'm a former attorney general. I put people in jail.

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