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Key excerpts from the criminal complaint against Alain Kaloyeros

SUNY Polytechnic boss Alain Kaloyeros was a key player in Buffalo Billion contracting. Here are key excerpts from the 79-page criminal complaint, unsealed Thursday morning, that refer to Kaloyeros.

"For his part in the scheme, KALOYEROS was able to maintain his leadership position and substantial salary at CNSE and garner support from the Office of the Governor for projects important to him, including the creation of SUNY Poly."


"Based on my review of emails and interviews with, among others, Howe, I learned that, in or around the fall of 2011, ALAIN KALOYEROS ... contacted Howe for the purpose of retaining Howe as a consultant for CNSE. As set forth above, Howe had close connections to the Office of the Governor, whose support would be helpful with two goals of KALOYEROS: ( i) the receipt of State funding; and (ii) the merger of CNSE into SUNY Poly, which KALOYEROS would found and lead.

"Among other things, Howe understood that KALOYEROS was concerned about his relationship with the Office of the Governor and was worried that he might lose his leadership position at CNSE. According to public records, in 2011 KALOYEROS was paid a salary of approximately $800,000 and received at least $500,000 in additional compensation through grants and/or other payments.

"KALOYEROS accordingly told Howe that he wanted to hire Howe to help KALOYEROS maintain his position at CNSE/SUNY Poly, assist CNSE in its relationship with the Office of the Governor, and represent CNSE in its efforts to undertake large, State-sponsored development projects."


"Based on my review of documents obtained from CNSE and the Government Relations Firm and its associated Law Firm, and interviews with, among others, Howe and individuals associated with CNSE and Fort Schuyler, I learned that in or around 2012, ALAIN KALOYEROS ... caused the Research Foundation to retain Howe as a consultant for CNSE and Fort Schuyler, at a rate of $25,000 per month, which continued until at least in or about 2015. These payments were made to the Law Firm. During the relevant time period, Howe physically worked at CNSE approximately twice per week. Howe had a parking space and an office at CNSE. Although the location of the office changed from time to time, it was always near KALOYEROS’ s office."


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