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Evander Kane as the victim? Not buying it

John Vogl

After posting the story about Evander Kane shrugging off his legal problems, I got a question on Twitter.

“How did you expect him to react or answer?”

I expected remorse and humility. In the end, I would have accepted reality.

Kane showed none of the above.

“These situations are what they are,” Kane said of his legal woes that include disorderly conduct, trespass, harassment and an allegation of sexual assault. “They happen to athletes or people in a position such as myself. Those are things you just have to deal with and kind of come with the territory. In saying that, you have to be a little more aware and kind of put yourself on a higher pedestal than you maybe think you are.

“Off the ice, these things unfortunately happen more often than not.”

Timeout. These things do not happen more often than not. Of the 56 Sabres players who arrived for physicals Thursday, only one had to talk about them. Throw in the other 29 teams in the NHL, and the percentage of players “these things” have happened to during the summer is infinitesimal.

If Kane was being honest with his answers and comments, he’s bordering on delusional.

Instead of attempting to paint himself as a victim, Kane would have been wise to at least appear sorry. Maybe he believes he’s done nothing wrong legally. The courts will decide that. But he certainly brought bad publicity to the organization that gave up a fortune to get him and pays him a fortune to play, and being sorry for that would have been appropriate.

Being put in handcuffs on the streets of Buffalo in broad daylight, as Kane was in July, should be a blow to a person’s ego. Not Kane. He got a long-awaited fresh start by leaving Winnipeg, and he doesn’t even care that he blew it.

Many fans do.

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