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Letter: Add an elevated section to enhance view of lake

Add an elevated section to enhance view of lake

The recent News article regarding the latest Outer Harbor development plan makes a lot of sense on many levels. Bring more people down to enjoy the waterfront and incrementally add features to enhance the experience. One feature mentioned was a colonnade as a place to gather and look out over the water. Unfortunately, the only visible water is the channel behind the breakwater. Other than the raised mound at Wilkeson Pointe, there is no actual lake view from the entire Outer Harbor.

Viewing the lake’s rolling waves or the sun and clouds reflecting on the huge open expanse would enhance the experience. A view of the setting sun as it disappears over the horizon is arguably better than watching the sun set over the stone barrier.

One waterfront feature that is often overlooked is the (free) storms that blow in. They are most often spectacular. Standing on the high mound at Wilkeson Pointe with a rotating metal sculpture would not be a favored viewing area. Many people head to Lake Shore Road or Hamburg Beach to watch storms and all they entail. Maybe adding a section elevated enough to see the lake with some sort of rain/wind protection could be incorporated into the plans, even just an elevated section alone. Just some place to see the lake.

Curt Taylor


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