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June is awesome, February stinks and other things I believe

We will rank just about anything.

Who is tops at the box office? What team is the best in the NFL? What song is at the top of the charts?

So if you live in the Buffalo area, it should make perfect sense to you that we rank the months of the year from worst to best.

It's not as simple as winter is bad, summer is good; I would argue that a month many think of as a dreary is one of the best. And I hate a month that is in the dead of summer for reasons that are only partly about weather.

It should go without saying that this ranking is not only subjective, it could not possibly be more unscientific. It is, as "Cheers" character Sam Malone once said on the TV show, "one man's opinion."

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It should also go without saying that you should feel free to disagree .. unless you argue that February is the best month. Then you're just being crazy.

[Power Ranking the Months of the Year in Western New York]


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