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Letter: Clinton’s plan to stay out of Mideast is wise

Clinton’s plan to stay out of Mideast is wise

It seems that many people are upset because Hillary Clinton stated that if elected president, she would not send ground troops to the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc.) She was accused of telegraphing her strategy to the enemy. The statement Clinton made was not telegraphing a message to the enemy but to our so-called friends, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and others. The message is, “We no longer are going to help you because you do not want to help yourselves.”

It has been easy in the past for these countries to call on the United States for help, and usually they would get it. The excuse was always about oil. We have seen in the last couple of years how little these countries are willing to risk their lives and protect their own sovereignty. It has always been easy for them to say, “Let the Americans fight for us. They have big egos and think they are macho, and if they don’t, they will look weak.”

Clinton’s statement tells them that we no longer are going to risk American lives, equipment and treasure. We had over 4,400 men and women killed in Iraq, 30,000 wounded and spent over $1 trillion. Enough is enough.

We entered the region to get rid of one Saddam Hussein and what did we get? A half dozen more Husseins because of 1,000-year-old religious and tribal feuds, which are never going to be settled no matter what we do. You can’t kill people’s beliefs.

Michael Giallombardo


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