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Letter: Collins puts his party before his constituents

Collins puts his party before his constituents

Both Democrats and Republicans benefit from having low air fares from the Buffalo Airport. Sen. Charles Schumer’s effort to bring JetBlue and Southwest has helped business and leisure travelers. There are many issues that Rep. Brian Higgins and Schumer have been proactive on, that benefit those on both sides of the political aisle.

Issues such as shipping hazardous waste across the Canadian border, keeping local jobs when there is a major bank merger, keeping the Bills in Buffalo and acquiring funds from the New York Power Authority for major investments in the waterfront have been keys to Buffalo’s renaissance.

My congressman, Chris Collins, has done little for the greater good of the community. His priority is for his tea party ideology, and not for the good people of Western New York. Collins continues to support Donald Trump, when over 110 prominent national Republican leaders have publicly declared that Trump doesn’t have the judgment or temperament to be president.

Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability, demeaned the parents of a soldier killed in action, insulted POW hero Sen. John McCain because he was captured and made vulgar remarks about a female Fox News anchor, yet Collins continues his support for Trump. Not even Trump’s shocking call for the Second Amendment people to resort to violence if President Hillary Clinton appoints judges whose views differ from the NRA’s, has Collins denounced Trump.

I vote for elected leaders who do the most for the common good and not for politicians, like Collins, who are locked into their party ideology.

Tom Graham

East Aurora

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