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Great Lakes holding their heat this September

The water temperature map of the Great Lakes are drawn today using a lot of pinks, oranges and reds.

That means the water temperatures are staying unseasonably warm as autumn closes in.

Lake Erie at Buffalo is at its highest reading ever today since record-keeping started in 1927.

The water is still 74 degrees.

It's only been above 70 degrees once on Sept. 19 since 1947.

That was the warmest summer on record in Buffalo: 2005, when it was 71 degrees.

Here's a look at what the Great Lakes temperatures looked like on Sept. 19 each of the past two years:

2015_263_glsea 2014_263_glsea

The data shows the unseasonable warmth hasn't been confined to the Buffalo Niagara region.

Even areas much further north and west, like lakes Superior and Huron are as much as 15 to 20 degrees warmer in 2016.

Does it mean the lake-effect snow season will be unusually brutal this fall?

Not necessarily.

But, if the lake waters stay well-above normal, and the atmospheric conditions line up just right...

It won't be an October surprise.

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