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Letters (Sept. 18): Our readers speak out

Roman’s dismissal just doesn’t add up

As the late great Van Miller used to say, “un-BILL-ievable!” When the velvet-voiced Miller intoned the word, it always meant something positively spectacular had just occurred for the Buffalo Bills.

After the firing of offensive coordinator Greg Roman, the word takes on a very negative meaning – to go hand-in-hand with head coach Rex Ryan’s proclamation of “winning the offseason,” followed by a lackluster 1-3 preseason record, and now a dismal 0-2 start to the regular season.

Maybe I am missing something, but the vaunted Bills defense, inspired by the genius of twin masterminds Rex & Rob Ryan, gives up 37 points and nearly 500 yards to the Jets − and you fire the offensive coordinator? Let’s not forget, the Bills deferred receiving the opening kickoff, in order to put their stellar defense on the field first. New York proceeded to march straight down the field, converting four third downs and eating up over 8 minutes of the quarter while putting up the game’s first points.

Our new offensive coordinator, Anthony Lynn, has no experience in that position, previously serving as the team’s assistant head coach and running backs coach. Though he does bring one very important job qualification to the table – he has a seven-year association with Rex Ryan. The nepotism never ends at One Bills Drive.

Looking at the remaining 14 games of the Bills’ schedule, and given the chaos we’ve seen under the leadership of the Ryans, it’s hard to fathom this team of questionable talent and coaching will be able to win more than 4-5 games. And that might be a stretch.

James Majors


Long time fan is ‘all in’ if it’ll save her Bills

I’ve been lovin’ my Bills for 55 years. It’s time for my family to step up and help. I’m a 69-year-old grandmother of six, one bad knee, and my 9-year-old grandson, 4-foot-11, 78 pounds, we are willing to go out and do our part. Let me just put on my lipstick, high heels and pencil skirt and I guarantee we’ll produce more pressure, knockdowns and sacks than the entire defense did Thursday night. Call me, Rex.

Mary Lee Williams

East Amherst

Pegulas have to make the tough decisions

What a joke Buffalo sports have turned into. I appreciate what the Pegulas have done for the Buffalo area. One might say they put Buffalo back on the map. But their return on investment is something that is not acceptable. Maybe they’re too nice, maybe they’re too naive, but they have definitely been taken advantage of their first few years in Buffalo, and the future is not looking bright either.

With the hiring of Rex Ryan the Pegulas took a major risk. They hired a man who can talk the talk but has never walked the walk. Rex is supposed to be a defensive genius and yet the Bills can’t stop anything or anyone.

The Bills had a post on Facebook about the fans’ mean tweets. What have the Bills given the fans that they should be nice about? The NFL is based on wins and that is something the Bills haven’t done enough of in 16, now 17 years.

The Sabres’ should also be mentioned. After an offseason that had a lot of potential to improve a non-playoff team, the only moves the Sabres made are Kyle Okposo (not bad, thank you Matt Moulson) and Dmitry Kulikov. Tim Murray is 0 for 3 on big fish − second-place with Mike Babcock, Steven Stamkos, and especially Jimmy Vesey.

Not much has changed for the Sabres yet us suffering fans are to believe this team will make the playoffs after an offseason of minimal movement, and a lot of police investigation. We’ll see, but I truly don’t think this is what the Pegulas had in mind when they bought either team. The Pegulas need to have the intestinal fortitude to make the right changes to truly bring a winner to Buffalo in both sports.

Scott Chorazak


How times have changed, but not for the better

Oh, the memories! I remember the days when the Buffalo Bills’ head coach was a Harvard grad. The offense had panache. Penalties were down, injuries were in check and time management had the precision of a Swiss watch. Marv Levy was not only an intelligent head coach with a strong will to win, but his highest concern was for the well-being of both the team and our city.

Enter the knuckle-dragging brothers Ryan. Ryan’s smash-mouth brand of football gives him the illusion of toughness while the players suffer the consequences. The Bills are too often short of needed timeouts and too often leading the league in penalties. The Ryan style of coaching might have worked better in the ’70s but today their strategies seem almost Neanderthal-like.

One positive thing for Rex Ryan though, he has his brother Rob with him and they can pinch each other at the dinner table and giggle at the idiocy of the Buffalo Bills front office for giving these guys a contract.

Robert J. Wegrzynowski


Ryans should focus on coaching, not TV ads

Instead of doing commercials the Ryan brothers should concentrate on coaching. The two looked like a bunch of clowns on a recent commercial riding on their tandem bike. If they put more effort into coaching the Bills might win some football games.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Please bring back the paper ticket

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a lot of people writing in regards to the Sabres’ no-ticket policy. I agree with writer John Nawojski. I have been a season-ticket holder for 19 years and look forward to receiving my package with players pictures, scenes from arena, etc. Friends who I take that don’t get opportunities to go to a lot of games look forward to holding onto that ticket as a keepsake.

You’re taking our money early before the season starts. Put it to use. Print us tickets.

If I recall a statement by Mr. Pegula “If I were in it to make money I’d drill another well.” So go drill the well and print us keepsake tickets.

Douglas Vrooman


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