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Letter: Repeal 10 mph speed limit in waters of Outer Harbor

Repeal 10 mph speed limit in waters of Outer Harbor

I read the letter, “Kayaks limit activity of boats and Jet Skis” and would like to add my 2 cents. I have kayaked many times inside the breakwater and never had any problems with boats and Jet Skis going fast. I often thought that Jet Skiing would be a lot of fun there. So I finally broke down and bought one this year.

It was probably my third trip to the Outer Harbor when the Coast Guard waved me over and notified me of the 10 mph speed limit. The officers said that the law had been on the books for 40 years but had never been enforced. They said that some kayaks had capsized recently so now they are enforcing the speed limit to help reduce waves.

There is no good reason for the speed limit to be so low. There really has been no problem with the higher speeds for 40 years. If kayakers are inexperienced or not wearing life jackets or uncomfortable with waves, they should stick to the Inner Harbor, where it would be safer for them. Why should everyone else suffer because of their inexperience and/or lack of good judgment? It’s time to repeal this speed limit.

Dennis King


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