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Letter: Examine all the facts before staging protest

Examine all the facts before staging protest

Adam Zyglis’ recent Colin Kaepernick/free speech cartoon was lacking one important illustration detail – the socks, featuring cartoon pigs wearing police hats, that he’s been wearing to 49ers practices. Class guy, that Kaepernick.

Of course, free speech shouldn’t be confused with having the intellect to make objective and factual statements in speaking about a subject. Kaepernick and Zyglis are lacking in both areas.

Chicago’s murder count in 2016 has skyrocketed to over 500 – 75 percent of the victims being African-American, and 71 percent of the perpetrators also African-American. Yes, the black-on-black crime the mainstream liberal media avoid reporting on, because it doesn’t fit their exaggerated narrative of racism, brutality and the unbridled killing of young, black men by police. The Windy City’s murder figure dwarfs the number of unjustifiable killings of blacks by law enforcement this year – and probably for the last 10 years.

So if Kaepernick and his other clueless NFL compadres want to continue to show disrespect for the United States, so be it. I think, while they’re kneeling instead of standing for the national anthem, they should kiss the ground marking this great country. Where else could some of these mental midgets earn millions of dollars for playing a game? If they staged a similar protest in China, Iran, North Korea or Russia, there would be no follow-up story, media feeding frenzy and copycat exhibitionism. Just a question: Whatever happened to Kaepernick?

James Majors


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