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Picture of Cheektowaga double murder suspect starts to emerge

Shane Stevenson was led away in handcuffs Thursday night from the ground-floor Cheektowaga apartment where police said he killed his girlfriend Raina Voll and her 7-year-old son, Leo Klinger.

As a neighbor in the Kingswood Apartment complex stood by and watched, he couldn’t help but notice something peculiar about the murder suspect.

“He was definitely not on this planet,” said the neighbor, who did not want to be identified for publication. “He was definitely on something.”

On Saturday, rain poured down on a memorial of flowers, a teddy bear with angel wings and prayer candles outside one of the windows of the apartment.

Cheektowaga police were tight-lipped Saturday about details of the case, which left residents of the normally peaceful complex wanting more answers about how someone could kill a devoted mother and a second-grader.

Assistant Cheektowaga Police Chief James J. Speyer Jr. declined to give any more information on the case but did say police had no prior interaction with Stevenson “that we’re aware of,” he said.

Stevenson’s social media accounts contain a mix of images and photos of himself playing guitar and singing and also those of Voll and one of Leo. There also are references to the band Nine Inch Nails, as well as images of skulls and skeletons, a swirling pool of dog faces and a bloody heart being ripped out of a teddy bear.

He describes himself as being in an “experimental” metal band called Sickafrenic. Song titles on his band’s Facebook site include “Murder Music,” “Drunk All Day” and “Should Have Stayed Dead.”

On Saturday, his old Facebook posts were filled with new comments from people lashing out at him over the deaths of Voll and Leo, calling him a “murderer” and “baby killer.”

Stevenson’s attorney did not return a call seeking comment Saturday.

At the apartment complex, a neighbor described the suspect as “standoffish.”

“When he was home waiting for the kids to get off the bus while the other parents would mingle around the rock, he would sit on the other rock and smoke a cigarette,” the neighbor said.

Voll, on the other hand, was well liked by her neighbors and at her job waitressing at the Olive Tree on Broadway in Lancaster.

The manager of the Olive Tree, where Voll had worked as a waitress since 2012, was shaken by the slaying of one of his customers’ favorite servers.

“She was a breath of fresh air,” said Petro Aronis. “From the beginning, she was a people person. She made others feel welcome. I’ve known her little boy Leo since he was in a high chair. He was my little buddy.”

Voll and her sons, Leo and Stephen Klinger, 2, were new to Kingswood, moving in just a few weeks ago, according to neighbors.

Apartment manager Mark Pew would say little about Voll and her two sons.

“She was one beautiful woman, and it is tragic what happened,” said Pew.

One week before her death, a neighbor recalled seeing Voll sitting on her porch with her two children.

“She did not look happy,” said the neighbor, who asked not to be identified.

Voll’s younger son was with his biological father Saturday.

A friend of the family started a Gofundme page to help the boy and his father. The online fundraiser had raised more than $4,400 by 9 a.m. Sunday. Among the donations was $1,000 from the Olive Tree.

Stephen was found screaming in a stroller, abandoned in a church parking lot 4 miles from the apartment on 2:45 p.m. Thursday.

George Rogowski knew something was wrong when he heard the screams coming from the Union Road Community Church’s lot.

Rogowski, 78, had been in his backyard, which is on the other side of the fence from the lot, he said.

He had noticed a car had pulled into the lot moments earlier, but didn’t think much of it at first.

“I heard some rattling,” he said. “I thought it was someone getting their walker out to go to the jewelry store.” Diamond Cutters shares the parking lot with the church.

Then came the child’s cry.

“He was screaming,” Rogowski recalled.

Rogowski looked over his fence and saw a little boy in a stroller next to a 2-foot-high flower box in the parking lot. There was no one around him.

Rogowski said he immediately called 911 and then went to the child. “I stood right by him,” Rogowski said.

The boy was well dressed, he said. “He was dressed nice. He had his pacifier in his mouth. He kept pointing across the street. He didn’t talk.”

There’s a McDonald’s there, Rogowski said.

Rogowski’s wife also came out to help, as did other neighbors.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Rogowski said. “Did a mother just leave her child?”

Police officers arrived and found a cellphone in the stroller. One of the officers dialed some numbers and Rogowski said it seemed she was able to get a hold of a relative.

By about 6 p.m. Thursday, Cheektowaga police found the bodies of the boy’s mother and brother in their apartment.

Later that night, police arrested Stevenson at the apartment. He has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder.

Finding the toddler and then learning about what happened to his family left Rogowski stunned. He had never seen Stephen before and doesn’t know Voll or Stephenson.

“I haven’t been able to sleep since,” he said. “It’s taken its toll.”


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