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Letter: Must we have a tragedy for UB to act on parties?

Must we have a tragedy for UB to act on parties?

It would be very helpful if The News wrote about how the University at Buffalo failed to enforce what it had touted as a solution to UB bringing hoards of students, mostly underage, to the University Heights neighborhood. Feel-good stories of how “it’s getting better” do little to bring solace to the folks who live next door to party houses.

I have not seen any reporting about just how dangerous these parties are to the safety of the naive and drunken students attending. Many of these two-family houses were built around the turn of the last century and, due to their construction and lack of safety upgrades, could easily become deadly fire traps. Packing these places with 100+ partygoers, who come in droves on the UB Stampede buses, is a recipe for disaster.

UB had stated that it would be adjusting the schedule to every 20 minutes and would be taking students to venues other than the South Campus (Maple Road, Transit Road, Walden Avenue). In actuality, the buses ran every three to five minutes and were supplemented by charter buses right after them if the UB bus was full.

This is so typical of UB and its “town and gown” mentality. UB is guilty of the “one step forward, two step back” approach to problems. Some of my more optimistic cohorts believe that “restorative justice and community service” will help the situation. They are historically ignorant of the fact that this has been tried in the past with little to no effect.

Without an all-in approach on the part of UB, the residents and the Buffalo Police Department will have to continue to suffer the aggravation, damage and obvious safety concerns brought about by its lack of attention to detail. Will it have to take a tragic event for UB to finally take responsibility?

Fred Brace


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