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Letter: Education system is in process of collapse

Education system is in process of collapse

“The foundation of every nation is the education of its youth.” This statement from Greek philosopher Diogenes is a timeless philosophy to be heeded. So here we are. Schools in New York and the United States are severely underfunded in real dollars as compared with previous levels. Teachers are under attack by governors, politicians and business interests. So few young people are opting for teaching as a profession that significant numbers of schools across New York cannot find certified teachers for some subjects and classes.

We opt for “school shopping” for private and charter alternatives instead of fixing existing schools and building a strong public education system. Widespread implementation of proven education practices is ignored. Federal and state education leaders opt to support for-profit corporate marketing of technological gadgetry in the classroom as being the solution to education’s challenges. A movement to transition away from brick-and-mortar schools to “virtual schools” (kids at home with laptops) is a real and stealth movement. Educational leaders appear to use outdated and manipulated data to dilute the severity of education challenges. In my 35 years as an educator, I’ve never seen such a mess.

So in the spirit of “fiddling while Rome burns” and “a bunch of frogs swimming in a soon to boil pot of water,” the real foundation of our nation, our education system, is in the process of collapse. So then what?

Clark W. Greene


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