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Letter: Schools should not use armed intruder in drills

Schools should not use armed intruder in drills

In the Sept. 7 News, there was an article describing the lockdown drills that are now a requirement in our schools. Drills in schools are not anything new. They used to have air raid drills when I went to school and they still have fire drills. I’m not concerned about the drills, but what I find completely disturbing is the fact that they feel it is necessary to bring an “intruder” into the schools in order in properly do this drill. And, I quote the newspaper, “the ‘bad guy’ will be walking suspiciously and carrying a weapon.”

Who in their right mind thought that we should scare the daylights out of our children? If they are talking about high school students who would be told that during the year these kinds of drills would be happening and a fake intruder with a gun would be stalking the building, would they understand because they are high schoolers? Or would they forget about the “intruder” role part, when they just happen to be the one who confronts or sees the man with the gun? Are we talking about elementary age children who could be emotionally devastated for life by seeing a man with a gun in their school?

I truly question whoever thought this plan out. We certainly didn’t have an explosion before an air raid drill in order to complete the drill. Teachers are to be trained in emergency response and school safety, which must include violence prevention and mental health. Well, they better get ready for an influx of mental health problems if they bring an “intruder” into the schools.

Lorraine Ceccarelli


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