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Sweet Home school officials look at policies

After reviewing and updating approximately 62 district policies between January and August, the Sweet Home School Board is eyeing ways to streamline the process.

In a presentation given to the Board Tuesday evening, Assistant Superintendent JoAnn A. Balazs made the case for putting a subcommittee in place specifically to deal with policy issues.

The Board completed a thorough review and update of the district’s Policy Manual over the course of the 2015-2016 school year.

“Kudos to the board for all the work that was done this past year,” she said. “The reason that so much work had to be done is there was maybe some time between when the last time this was updated.”

Noting that updating policies for the district is a never-ending task, Balazs said the idea is to review and update policy on a regular basis, thereby avoiding significant overhauls of the Policy Manual.

Balazs suggested that the subcommittee would meet regularly to analyze any changes or revisions to current policy, as well as to vet new policy. The subcommittee would then make recommendations to the board as a whole.

Board Member Nadine Ocasio pointed to the changing nature of education in supporting the idea.

“To me, it’s important because I can see looking at policies on an ongoing basis,” she said. “State Ed changes some of the rules everyday so I think some of our policies need to change with that just as quickly.”

However, Board Member Marianne Jasen worried that the board would lose some of the discussion they have over policy, if the proposal is implemented.

“I learn a lot from that,” she said, adding that she wants to hear from the other board members on policy.

The board will continue to discuss the proposal at its upcoming retreat.


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