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Letter: Stop criticizing Clinton; Powell and Rice did same

Stop criticizing Clinton; Powell and Rice did same

The Republican congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails did reveal that using personal email accounts was not uncommon in the State Department. Colin Powell and aides to Condoleezza Rice admitted to using a personal email account for classified information. Both secretaries of state, directed by Bush/Cheney, were instrumental in the buildup and implementation of a false case for war against Iraq. The American people and our Congress believed the lie. Iraqi weapons of mass destruction never existed. We went to war for no reason.

The Iraq War produced U.S. casualties of 4,424 deaths and 31,952 wounded, per the Department of Defense. The Republicans insist that the use of personal email accounts for State Department business compromises our national security. If that is the case, then we owe those American families who sacrificed their sons, daughters, husbands and wives for a war based on a lie of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. This war has cost this country trillions when aftercare for our troops is included. We need to know who made money on this tragedy and conspired with the Bush administration in carrying out this crime.

The congressional hearing produced nothing against Clinton, and the FBI could not find any laws being broken by her. We now have to look at Powell’s and Rice’s use of personal emails in the time of war.

We are in danger of letting history repeat itself. The rich bought the Republican Party and manipulated President George W. Bush into an invasion of Iraq. Now the rich are pouring millions into electing Donald Trump to do their bidding. Trump is unstable enough to be conned into taking us into another war.

John Cappello

Niagara Falls

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