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Ken Block's Gymkhana Nine features Buffalo's Central Terminal, waterfront

It's not every day in Buffalo that you can drive blindingly-fast doughnuts around the rising drawbridge on the edge of downtown.

The Nickel City was the site for Ken Block's most recent exploits in Gymkhana, an adrenaline-inducing breed of motor sports that weaves together "Fast and the Furious"-esque rallying and stunts that you should probably never try to replicate.

Here's Block's solo YouTube video, created by the media branch of his Hoonigan Racing brand and released at 8 a.m. Sept. 13.

Considering the clip is subtitled "Raw Industrial Playground," Block and crew chose Buffalo's Central Terminal for the start of the clip, before zooming around Polonia for a bit - narrowly avoiding a collision with a train - before making a beeline for the waterfront.

You'll then notice familiar views along the Buffalo River before Block closes with a great drift off Lee Street onto South Park Avenue, before doughnuts on the rising vertical-lift truss bridge.

If you're a car junkie, know that Block is driving a souped-up 2016 Ford Focus RS RX with 600 horsepower and 663 pound-feet, a measurement of torque. To get a lot more technical, read further here.

Email Ben Tsujimoto, who takes a really long time to go from 0-60, at

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