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Fitz: "It's not like I'm competing with the Hall of Famers."

Here are some highlights from Ryan Fitzpatrick's conference call with the Buffalo media on Tuesday afternoon. The former Bills quarterback leads the Jets into  New Era Field for an early-season AFC East clash on Thursday night.

On the fact that Rex Ryan has his number.  In 11 career games against Ryan defenses, Fitzpatrick has completed 47 percent of his passes and is 1-8 as a starter:

"You guys bring up a valid point in that when you look at my numbers against Rex defenses, it's not on par with my career numbers. We could be honest, too. You look at my career numbers and it's not like I'm competing with the Hall of Famers. I'm just continuing to get better and I'm trying to improve every yeaer. Hopefully, we'll see a lot of improvement this year like we have the last few years."

"He's a really good defensive football coach and he's had really good defenses.  I think that's part of it. I would like to think that I've grown as a player and a quarterback. That being said, I didn't perform very well in either game last year that we played against them.

On how long it took to get over last season's finale in Buffalo, when the Jets lost with a playoff spot on the line and Fitz threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter:

"That was tough. That was really tough for a lot of different reasons. There was a lot of emotion and a lot at stake for our team and me personally. That was a tough one to get over. But you tend to find a way to move on. This is a new year, and it's going to present a bunch more challenges for us."

On whether it will be as emotional in his second return to Buffalo:

"i'm not sure yet. I know I won't have the same strong emotions that I had last year. It'll be different. But it's still always going to hold a spot in my heart. So I think there will be some emotion, but I don't know that it'll be on the same magnitude as last year."

"I think it's just time. It's strange being in that stadium as the guy who gets dressed in the other locker room. Last week vs. Cincinnati,  there were two guys on the team who were there when I played there. When I play Buffalo now, the roster has changed. There's been a lot of turnover. So it's not like I'm playing against all the guy who were there when I was there."

On not dwelling on the negatives in his 12-year career.

"I take a lot of pride in the work that I've put into a game or a season. I was drafted in the seventh round, barely. I've been on six different teams. But for me, it's trying to win in the film room, trying to win with preparation and communication with my teammates and trying to earn their respect every day.

"So when I'm done and I look back at my career, those are the things I'm going to look at. I'm not going to look at the stats and the wins and losses and all that, it's really playing and earning the respect of my teammates that I value the most."



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