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Letter: Evaluate the candidates and vote for the best one

Evaluate the candidates and vote for the best one

We have been listening to the candidates for the presidency for more than a year. It is obvious that one of the two candidates is going to be elected, whether we want him or her or not. So let’s stop knocking on their errors and evaluate their abilities on running our country.

Hillary Clinton has worked tirelessly for our country for many years with accomplishments and errors. It seems like we’re expecting a perfect person who never makes mistakes. Is there such a person? Should we crucify the past presidents who chose to go to war and sacrificed our young men and women? Were they so perfect in protecting our beloved country? Did we go to war in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq? Let’s forget the errors and move forward.

I am ashamed to listen to other countries making fun of our candidates. Is this the way we Americans live, by slinging mud at each other in order to win? Is this why we bear guns at home, to kill because we disagree with “whatever”?

If we want a beautiful America, all citizens need to get together to make this country great, as President John F. Kennedy said. Let’s be united, evaluate the candidates on their policies and make our good choice.

Daisy Jen


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