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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• 4091 Ridge Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Blake Snable, $23,000.


• &rose Road, James H. Kienle to Brian Quay; Lindsay Quay, $295,000.


• Nesbit Drive, Kathleen A. Dell; Michael J. Dell to Jeffrey M. Dell, $188,500.


• Continental Drive, John A. Wery; Nicole Wery to Kathleen M. Touron, $158,894.

• Alanview Drive, Mary Beth Viola; William J. Viola to Casey J. Costello; Heather K. Costello, $146,000.

• Hildreth St & Irving St., Casey Costello to David Erb; Kaitlyn Erb, $100,700.

• East Ave., Michele R. Davidson to Joseph A. Blersch, $97,450.

• Lincoln Ave., Renee R. Crawshaw; Renee R. Pencille to Jennifer Blythe Nickles, $75,000.

• 41 Jersey St & South New York St., Patricia A. Mccabe; Danielle M. Nemi; Nemi Robert J A to Andrew D. Nemi, $74,000.

• 476 Hawley St., William J. Anthony to Pennymac Loan Services, $59,076.

• Prospect & Bacon St., Michael D. Hirsch to Kenneth J. Pache, $42,500.

• 5 Mccue Ave., Nationstar Mortgage to Nu Investment Properties Western New York, $18,000.


• Hidden Pond Lane, Robert Miller Construction to Matthew G. Miller, $240,000.

• Badger Road, Stacey L. Schultz to Cathy M. Linderman; Wayne K. Linderman, $129,997.

• 7081 Academy Lane, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kevin D. Jordan, $62,000.


• -26 Bk C Chamaplain Ave., Kristin M. Condino; Nicola Condino to Edwin M. Crespo Jr., $165,000.

• 74th St., Ryan M. Belton to Nicole M. Terrana, $98,000.

• 1614 100th St., Lindsey Meyers to John D. Bulka Jr., $90,000.

• Pershing Ave., Brianna M. Briggs; Thomas C. Deguehery to Cody A. Proefrock, $89,000.

• Hyde Park Boulevard, Mary Theresa Scarcelli to Janelle A. Lachacz; Mark A. Lachacz, $85,000.

• 1335 James Ave., Arthur J. Ponzi to Sw Reo Trust; US Bank National Assoc -Tr, $83,500.

• 91 Hyde Park Blvd & Woodlawn Ave., Cleveland Chong to Jeffrey A. Goble; Samantha J. Goble, $80,000.

• 100th St., Frederick T. Sillet; Karen Vaccarella to Michael Lynch, $76,000.

• 2253 Grand Ave., Josephine Gonzales; Dolores Klimecko to HSBC Bank USA NA, $73,008.

• 76th St., Michael D. Cutter to Scott Beal, $63,000.

• 4813 Tuscarora Road, Dawn A. Pirinelli; Ruth D. Pirinelli to Nancy J. Lynch, $59,500.

• South Ave., Teresa L. Blue to Samantha L. Venne, $41,700.

• Linwood Ave & 24th St., 777 Holdings to Yue Hu, $37,000.

• 1617 22nd St., Edward Peak; Edward F. Peak; Patricia Ann Peak to State of New York Mortgage Agency, $33,651.

• 1876 Pierce Ave., Wing Properties to DHGF, $27,500.

• 1956 Whitney Ave., Crystal Property Solutions to Equity Trust Co -Cust; Seaman Ira Kevin, $27,000.

• 1705 Whitney Ave., Equity Trust Co -Cust; Canazzi Ira Keith to DHGF, $27,000.

• Lasalle Ave., Willie M. Fair Jr. to Equity Trust Co -Cust; Canazzi Ira Keith, $17,500.

• 3548 Sherwood Ave., Bank of America NA to Terry Rolling, $17,009.

• 22nd St., Linda K. Burr to Equity Trust Co -Cust; Seaman Ira Kevin, $15,000.

• Linwood Ave., Mdb Property Fund New York to Leane Prince, $15,000.

• Elmwood Ave., John V. Rougeux to Alanerek Properties, $12,000.

• 3543 Ferry Ave., City of Niagara Falls New York to Jack Chapek Sr., $12,000.


• Lexington Ave., Eleanor M. Wilson to Cassandra A. Stone, $176,000.

• 1361 Sisson Drive, Rosina Martinec to Brett Whitmore, $135,000.

• 1748 Ruie Road, Gary D. Sullivan to State of New York Mortgage Agency, $84,900.

• Oliver St., Gilbert L. Trunzo to Jason S. Klepp, $46,000.

• 463 Robinson St., Lisa Boyd; Sharon I. Wells to Happliarino Properties, $25,000.

• Daniel Drive, Craig M. Dangelo; Daniel A. Dangelo to Rachel J. Rados; Scott A. Rados, $20,000.


• Creekbend Drive, Keith A. Rapp to Jacob J. Adamo, $460,000.

• Cloverleaf Lane, Ryan Homes of New York to Claudine A. Popovski; Goran Popovski, $312,375.

• Devonshire Ln & Campbell Boulevard, Ryan Homes of New York to Jason Allard; Maria Oddo, $286,920.

• 5525 Tonawanda Creek Road, Lorena M. Franke to Fannie Mae, $258,751.

• Killian Road, Michael P. Monaghan to Daniel L. Kaufman; Lizabeth L. Schnitzer, $208,000.


• Elliott St & Front St & Main St., Geoffrey C. Adams; Stefanie B. Adams to 703 Main St., $430,000.

• Lake Road, Gerald W. Carver; Josephine Carver to Elizabeth R. Rockett; Rudy R. Rockett, $196,900.

• Lake Shore Hgwy #18, Charles R. Lewis; Laura A. Lewis to Nadia N. Shahram, $93,000.


• Haseley Road, Barbara A. Lusiak; Robert M. Lusiak to Michele A. Eisenhauer; Scott C. Eisenhauer, $43,000.

• Slayton Settlement Road, Fredia Martinez; Rafael Martinez to Esther M. Smith; Henry W. Smith, $35,000.


• Colin Court, Kelly L. Gworek; Thomas L. Gworek Jr. to Brittany L. Cooper; Justin R. Cooper, $295,000.

• 36 Skylark Lane, Brian T. Tweed Sr.; Carolyn M. Tweed to Mary-Elizabeth F. Belton; Ryan Michael Belton, $243,000.

• Katherine Drive, Michael P. Lynch; Nancy J. Lynch to Daniel W. Mccumber; Margo L. Mccumber, $234,900.

• Shawnee Road, Aleksandr Yatchuk; Anna Yatchuk to Henadzi Nichyparuk; Volha Nichyparuk, $120,000.

• 5 Ward Road, Gail M. Fantrazzo; James E. Hachick; Gail M. Krysa; Lisa M. Labarbera; Lisa M. Labarera to Mary Lou Ventry; Paris Ventry, $110,000.

• 2747 Stenzel Ave., Janice A. Fingerlow; Robert Fingerlow; Robert H. Fingerlow to Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust; Wells Fargo Bank NA -Tr, $62,001.

• 103rd St., Anne M. Luch; George R. Luch to Michael G. Hanner, $47,000.


• 5225 Old Beebe Road, Adam L. Gray to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $121,669.

• 2363 Harwood Ave., Bryan Shank; Diana Shank to HSBC Bank USA NA, $38,700.

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