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Letter: Many people can relate to what Trump is saying

Many people can relate to what Trump is saying

A recent letter writer described Donald Trump as “Machiavellian.” (According to the dictionary, that means cunning, scheming and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career). I think the writer just gave a very apt description of Hillary Clinton. I have to take issue with his claim that Trump’s values are not those of the America he knows. What America would that be?

This country is barely recognizable after the last eight years of liberal theology that’s been shoved down our throats. Extreme political correctness and even worse, a complete and utter lack of common sense, have become the law of our land. For example: elementary schools outlawing Halloween costumes and parades because of the diversity of students who would be left out; high schools banning students from wearing T-shirts with the American flag on Cinco de Mayo day so as not to inflame racial tensions among Hispanic students; college students needing “safe zones” to shield them from ideas contrary to their own.

Our attorney general wants to prosecute those who say things that can be construed as harmful to Muslims, but a football player can wear socks bearing a cartoon “pig” police officer and that’s OK because he has the right of free speech. Illegals are pouring into our country at will because we are so welcoming and giving, and to heck with immigrants who come here lawfully like my grandparents did.

Trump is not a seasoned politician and, yes, he says things that are controversial, but I have never heard him say blacks belong at the back of the bus or women belong in the kitchen. The writer said that “Trump, the buffoon, appeals to the darkest, most vile fringe elements of this country.” Well that’s the first time anyone has referred to this 73-year-old Catholic mother and grandmother in this way.

Joan Majchrzak

West Seneca

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