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Letter: It’s time to secure border, deport illegal immigrants

It’s time to secure border, deport illegal immigrants

Nowhere more than on the battleground over illegal immigration are skewed and blurred definitions used as effective tools, particularly among those who portray themselves as champions of the underdog.

Somehow all Hispanics are being equated in discussions about illegal immigrants. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, coupled with the multitude of legal Hispanic immigrants, nothing could be further from the truth. The influx of illegal immigration from points south hurts them most, because they get stigmatized in addition to suffering the job losses and low wages incurred by other citizens, especially black Americans.

President Ronald Reagan’s amnesty has proved a disaster because those who would have applied for legal immigration can see they will be displaced by squatters. Consequently, instead of thousands we got millions more illegal foreign nationals, usurping U.S. benefits and flooding the already depressed labor market.

We effectively discourage others from improving their own countries by serving as their welfare system.

Simply stopping the welcome wagon will supplant huge walls and armies of customs officials. If, like elsewhere, illegal immigrants can’t vote, find work, feed or clothe themselves, and get housing, medical care and education, they will return to seek these things from their own countries.

In virtually every other nation on earth, illegal entry is a crime punishable by imprisonment or deportation. Yet when U.S. citizens want our representatives in Washington to protect our nation’s sovereignty and immigration laws, political charlatans have successfully demonized these constituents as racists and haters, to elicit deviant votes at any cost. Really?

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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