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Letter: Just give us the facts and let voters decide

Just give us the facts and let voters decide

Recently The News reported on a high school student who was a former candidate for the Buffalo School Board. When covering the story, The News failed to expand on the background and lack of experience and qualifications of this young man. In fact, since he lost the election, he has been arrested on two occasions.

Instead The News went into great length describing negative issues regarding the other candidate, who aside from being a very successful businessman, has tirelessly devoted his efforts to help prevent an ongoing history of dysfunction with the board.

The fact that the young man almost won the election shows that the average uninformed reader and eventual voter is influenced by the sympathies printed.

The same type of reporting is now taking place in the presidential election. One candidate is blasted daily for every imaginable fault. I’m waiting to read when he was 14 he didn’t throw the garbage out for his mother and he was late for school three times.

My decision for the presidential race has not been made. But I think it is the job of responsible newspapers to inform readers by writing factual, accurate and unbiased articles about each candidate. By doing so, they assist the public in formulating their own constructive opinions.

Tovie Asarese


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