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Letter: Hit-and-run driver should be ashamed

Hit-and-run driver should be ashamed

My friend Tom was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. How can you hit someone and just keep going? Did you even wonder how badly he was hurt? All the variables have worked in your favor so you can escape responsibility: there is no camera at the corner of Delaware and Linden; the police apparently didn’t list witnesses on their report, even though several people stopped to help; and there wasn’t an article in the newspaper to maybe prompt someone who noticed minor damage to the front of your car to ask what happened.

Tom isn’t what most would call a real important person, so no investigation has been done. But he is a real important person to us, his church friends, to his sister and brother and extended family, and to the others in his apartment building. His leg was shattered, but, to give Tom credit, he remembered a 40-year-old lesson from a gym teacher on how to fall and roll to not get hurt worse. He is rehabbing. How are you doing? Can you sleep at night?

Marcia Brown


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