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Letter: Reconsider plan to ship N-waste through WNY

Reconsider plan to ship N-waste through WNY

An issue weighing heavy on my heart, and multitudes of Western New Yorkers, is the knowledge that 150 shipments of highly enriched liquid uranium will be trucked along Interstate 190 and 90 on its trip from Canada to South Carolina over the next two years.

A full environmental review process, although requested, was never performed. Also, containers holding the nuclear waste may not have been tested, possibly as a result of fast tracking this project. The waste could be made safer for transport if solidified by “down-blending” in Canada, reducing radioactivity.

Others have reached out to U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz to no avail. Only Moniz has the authority to suspend or delay shipments to address safety concerns. Please consider the densely populated neighborhoods of families with children who live along the route. Many of our homes have nothing more than a guardrail or chain-link fence as the only barrier between us and the proposed truck route, putting our families in peril. An accident resulting in contamination and carnage is a real possibility.

Congressman Brian Higgins has said, “Terrorists and militant groups have expressed an interest in using highly dangerous weapons, especially those utilizing chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear materials.” The trucks and contents could both be used for nefarious purposes. I implore Moniz to consider a delay to re-evaluate these plans and provide the public with the public notification and comment period that the law provides for, and that we deserve.

Susan Kims

West Seneca

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