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Letter: Drivers’ ignorance of law places bicyclists in danger

Drivers’ ignorance of law places bicyclists in danger

I am a bicycle rider who commutes on a regular basis by bike. I ride alongside cars traveling at considerably faster speeds than I can manage. Most of them – maybe 99 percent of them – keep a safe distance from me and share the road as the Vehicle and Traffic Law envisions.

Yet there is a small but bothersome minority of drivers who are ignorant of the law and who cannot bear seeing a bicyclist on the road. I have been scolded through the passenger window to “get on the sidewalk” or that “there’s no bicycle lane here.”

Please remind readers that the Vehicle and Traffic Law specifically permits bicycles to ride on the right side of the road, to ride two abreast, and to make left-hand turns from the left lane. For reference, readers are directed to Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1234.

Moreover, City of Buffalo ordinance 413-2(B) forbids bicycles from city sidewalks. Bicyclists in Buffalo have no choice but to ride on the street.

Misunderstandings between drivers and cyclists can be eliminated if we have a more informed driving public.

Bob Reden


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