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10 years later: Ralph 'Bucky' Phillips' life on the run

Ten years ago, on Sept. 8, 2006, Ralph "Bucky" Phillips emerged from the woods in Warren County, Pa., with his hands up.

After 160 days on the run, Phillips had earned a spot on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list, next to Osama bin Laden, for shooting and killing a New York State trooper and wounding a second trooper. He was surrounded by hordes of officers and police dogs and was being circled above by helicopters. He must have known it was finally time to surrender.

Phillips is a native of Stockton, a small town in Chautauqua County. He spent much of his life in and out of prison and on and off of probation. Although most people remember Phillips for his time on the lam in 2006, that wasn't his first time leading police on a lengthy, multi-state chase.

In 1992, police chased Phillips for 15 days. He was being sought on two felony warrants for the sale of a controlled substance. When caught, Phillips was sent to Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, where he remained until November 2005.

In January 2006, Phillips violated his parole by threatening to kill his daughter and was sent to Alden Correctional Facility. On April 2, 2006, Phillips used a can opener to cut through a corrugated metal roof of the jail's kitchen, jumped down from the one-story exterior, ran across the unsecured front parking lot and disappeared for the next 160 days.

Using the interactive map below, retrace Phillips' footsteps from his 1992 and 2006 chases as he zigzagged across multiple states before the manhunt ended on Sept. 8, 2006.

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