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Letter: Lancaster should reject request for coffee shop

Lancaster should reject request for coffee shop

I find it hard to believe that the Lancaster Village Preservation Board as well as its planning board would even consider a Tim Hortons on the corner of Central Avenue and Broadway.

I can’t imagine a more inappropriate location for several reasons.

The village is still struggling with the aftermath of the 1960s urban renewal at the old West Main Street and Aurora property that was developed for a big box store and arrived dead on arrival. The particular location being considered again conflicts with a common-sense approach to development. To put another box next to a historically correct town hall and opera house makes no sense as historically enhancing the village aesthetics.

This is a difficult location from a traffic standpoint also, due in large part to the configuration of the intersection and its curbing. Another factor should be the impact this big chain would have on several struggling-to-survive small businesses already in the area. Not that long ago a merchant selling ice cream from an old historically correct gas station was prohibited from vending hot dogs due to the perception of conflict with the historical sense of the area.

This idea should be reconsidered by a joint effort of historically minded peoples with input from both the Town and Village of Lancaster.

Paul J. Ziolkowski


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