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Letter: Viewpoints piece dismisses the media’s role in election

Viewpoints piece dismisses the media’s role in election

I spent the entire week trying to decide whether to waste my time responding to Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News and his Aug. 21 Viewpoints article, “Disrespecting a free press.”

Bunch’s article is based on the lie that there still is an objective free press. Today’s major newspapers should have “Editorial edition” on the front page.

Bunch bashes both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for disregarding a free press. But in reality today’s media is the reason for the political existence of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Let me explain why.

I’ll start with Donald Trump. One, he is not the establishment cookie cutter “let’s not rock the boat” RINO Republican. Second, millions of Americans recognize the liberal bias of today’s media and enjoy watching Trump bash the media because we all want to.

Now I’ll move on to Hillary. The biggest reason for Hillary bashing the media is simply that like any spoiled child who gets 90 percent of what she wants, she’ll be upset that she didn’t get 100 percent.

You can pat yourself on the back, Mr. Bunch, for creating Hillary for President in 2016. The Clintons would have been “taken out” (not literally) 20 years ago by an objective free press.

Can you name one Republican who would have survived the scandals of the Rose law firm, cattle futures, bimbo alerts, Vince Foster and, more recently, the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, leaked emails and the scandals that keep going on and on?

This year’s election features a player with questionable principles against someone who already has been proven to have no principles. I’ll take the question mark every time.

David H. Grzybowski


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