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Letter: Trump’s false statements end up hurting his followers

Trump’s false statements end up hurting his followers

When you think of all the efforts that could be made to keep America great (not make America great again), it is discouraging to hear Donald Trump talk about hiring 5,000 Border Patrol personnel in addition to the cost of his ridiculous immigration plans.

Trump’s claims that two million immigrants have criminal records flies in the face of 176,000 convicted of crimes and ordered deported. Immigrants are causing less crime than our citizens and they are being deported in greater numbers under President Obama.

Why not spend the money to retrain workers to fill the needed higher-level employment jobs? Someone should tell Trump (they probably have but you know how he listens) that the coal industry is being replaced with cleaner and less-expensive energy sources. This is inevitable, but he wants people to see it otherwise by supporting the continuation of coal mining jobs.

Trump’s spending is reactive and not proactive. Proactive strategies will continue to keep America great. Reactive ones will not.

Trump’s tax cuts would be deadly to many Americans and stunt economic growth. It is such a shame that he is allowed to continually lie during his free media town meetings about facts such as “American manufacturing is dead” when we are producing more than ever.

Most everything he says about America not being great is slanderous and untrue…isn’t there a crime going on with his jibber jabber of untruths?

What a shame that his followers don’t read, gather the facts and do some analyzing, but rather just listen to him.

Marguerite Battaglia


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