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Letter: Clinton’s presidential credentials trump Trump

Clinton’s presidential credentials trump Trump

The 2016 run for the White House is at times quite amusing, often surprising and surely creates occasional genuine alarm in most Americans.

We are used to the confetti banter ambitious office seekers fling. The intense run for the land’s highest office causes foolish rhetoric and empty promises. They fill the air with things we like to hear. But the rational discard the chaff to observe the critical kernels at the center of the malarkey.

The Democratic presidential nominee has vast experience and direct involvement with government and with public Issues since her graduation from college. Her main faults seem to be the human faults of memory slips and a tendency to make independent judgment rather than seeking wider peer review.

But she is definitely intelligent, understands government and has publicly acknowledged her faults, sincerely vowing not to repeat them.

We cannot expect such a vow from the Republican side from a bumptious celebrity businessman running despite very tepid support and few connections to the Republican Party. He seems to draw most of his support from people who rarely identify as Republicans but who are angry about their perceived personal losses in the modern economy.

They believe the impacts of foreign, especially Hispanic, non-citizens are the basis for their own loss of wealth and stature over the past couple of decades. They ignore modern economics.

But in the end the race is established American government versus shoot from the hip urban cowboy reaction.

Clinton will make a splendid president.

Art “Happy” Klein


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