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Letter: People should be encouraged to ride Metro bus and rail

People should be encouraged to ride Metro bus and rail

Last weekend there were unexpected traffic tie-ups in the downtown area due to multiple events occurring at the same time. Public officials have weighed in, but the solution is not yet clear.

One official stated that maybe people could be encouraged to use the Metro Rail to get downtown. Another official suggested that visitors to downtown could park farther away from the event and ride the free Metro Rail to their destination.

Encouraging people to use transit is a great idea and very sensible. However, appealing to the goodwill of drivers by trying to persuade them to change their habits will not happen without incentives. Higher parking fees in the Central Business District would encourage folks to leave their cars home and ride transit.

For those who feel they must drive, instead of paying to park near the Metro Rail in the city’s core, a better idea would be to leave the car at a farther-out free park-and-ride lot and take Metro from there.

Aside from the disincentive of parking costs, there should be a positive incentive around the choice of travel mode. Metro bus and rail seem to work for downtown sports events, but for multiple-event days there should be added service. More frequent bus and rail service on weekends and at night would be the icing on the cake!

Lynn Magdol


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