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Letter: Instead of extending terms, impose some term limits

Instead of extending terms, impose some term limits

Are you kidding? Erie County legislators voted to extend their terms to four years! Because two years just doesn’t give them enough time to run for office and do the job they were elected to do.

They spend a couple of hours doing legislator’s work and the rest of the time raising money. So they include this trick with some good things so that people would go for it.

This must go to referendum so that people could show them what we think. How about these ideas?

Stop gerrymandering. Let a computer draw up the districts. No packaging charter changes. We’re not fools. Something that important should be voted on alone.

Cut the salaries. Make it a part time job, then you would get people who care about the issues and not the money and perks. Three terms and out.

And tell us about these ethics provisions you mentioned. We’re sitting on the edge of our seats to hear the details. And all the other positive changes and reforms that are so important but not important enough to tell us what they are. At least print in the newspaper the full text of the law you legislators want enacted.

And bring it up to a vote by the people.

David Ruzzine


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