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Letter: Buffalo should heed the signs in Toronto’s hidden waterfront

Buffalo should heed the signs in Toronto’s hidden waterfront

Recently my wife and I had two guests originally from Manhattan now living in South Carolina come to visit us.

They wanted to see the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, so we booked a weekend in that city. It’s been a few years since we had been there and our guests had never been.

As we approached the city on the 401 the unbridled growth of the city’s high-rises began to dismay us. The farther we drove the worse it got. The entire waterfront has all but disappeared. To compete for a waterfront view, hundreds of buildings are being erected higher and higher.

Completely devoid of any charm, these cloud-scratching, concrete, steel and glass behemoths have obliterated the entire skyline. Our Manhattan guests were not impressed at all.

As we drove back to Buffalo we talked about our largely undeveloped waterfront and hoped it would not happen here.

Please Buffalo, think things through before we destroy our greatest asset. And architects please consider designing structures for our storied Buffalo waterfront that complement our historic past.

Nothing over four stories high and let’s make brick and wood our material of choice.

Daniel J. McCue


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